Published: Sep 27, 2013
Cindy Sheehan Buys Crawford Property To Harrass The President
by L.A. Morris (Leslie Centanni)

(This is an archive written by the late Leslie Centanni.) Cindy Sheehan, out of control with the heady power of press adulation, hsd manipulated her way into purchasing property near the President's ranch in Crawford, Texas, so she can escalate and make more permanent her harrassment of the Commander In Chief.

Press reports say fellow protestor Gerry Fonseca acted as Sheehan's agent and bought the vacant lot about seven miles from Bush's ranch for $52,500.

"If Cindy Sheehan came to town, I don't think anybody would have sold her any property," Fonseca said of his behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

What makes this so reprehensible is that Sheehan deliberately worked this sneaky maneuver to avoid detection, knowing she would not be welcome to do her dirty work.  According to a story on Fox news, rumbles coming out of the area say her pal reportedly bought the property under the guise of being a suffering Katrina victim to get a better deal.

Upon completing the purchase, Fonseca immediately flipped over to Sheehan for a reported $50,000.

Sheehan used some of her late son's insurance money to buy the property, and said she couldn't think of a more appropriate use of the money.

Apparently creating a Waco-like compound designed specifically for the purpose of harrassing another person, especially the President of our country, is okay with the aging peace-nik and her opportunistic partners-in-liberal-mindcrimes.

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Her son's money would be better spent buying property along the Mexican border and protesting illegal immigration by building a fence.  THAT's likely a better tribute to her son, who died in combat on foreign soil to protect America's borders.

According to a story in the Houston Chronicle, the 5-acre lot will be used for protests against President Bush "until he's impeached or leaves office."  "We decided to buy property in Crawford to use until George's resignation or impeachment, which we all hope is soon for the sake of the world," Sheehan wrote in a newsletter to supporters Thursday.

When will someone step in and call this what it is?  Harrassment at the highest, most public, of levels, the likes of which no Hollywood star would ever have to endure.  No fellow citizen should be put in the position of being harrassed day and night, not even the unfortunate Mrs. Sheehan, who frankly deserves it for her overbearing abuse of the entire right-to-protest concept.

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