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Published: Oct 29, 2008
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Good 'Foreclosure' Samaritan Saves House
by Staff

The mother of a Dallas family whose home was facing foreclosure and sale at auction will not have to move due to a good samaritan.

Tracy Pottsboro said her family was able to continue living in their Dallas home despite being targeted for foreclosure thanks to the efforts of small-business owner Marilyn Mock, ABC's "Good Morning America" said Monday.

Pottsboro said after meeting Mock at the recent auction of her foreclosed home, the resident of Rockwall, Texas, placed the winning bid on the home and then agreed to let Pottsboro's family stay in the home.

"Nobody's done anything like that for me before, and I hope that I can repay the favor," said Pottsboro, whose family will make mortgage payments to Mock instead of a bank.

Mock told GMA her kind act was simply part of her normal giving nature.

"I do a lot of things, you know, loan money out and give to somebody -- you see somebody in need, you give them money," she said. "Or you see somebody in the grocery store, they don't have enough money to pay for it, I'm usually the one behind saying here, here's $20 or something." (c) tPC (c) UPI

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