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Published: Jan 8, 2015
Wife rejects $975M check; Awarded 3 properties [PHOTOS\VIDEO] in Harold Hamm divorce settlement
by Maria Gomez

Wife rejects $975M check; Awarded 3 properties [PHOTOS\VIDEO] in Harold Hamm divorce settlement, It's not everyday that one gets to see a check for $975 million with their name on it.

But for Sue Ann Arnall, it wasn't nearly enough.

After a highly contentious divorce, Sue Ann Arnall is looking for what she considers to be her share.

Arnall rejected a $975 million settlement check from their divorce, saying she was shortchanged and cited 78 alleged errors and missteps that caused a judge to grossly undervalue her stake in the vast oil fortune of tycoon Harold Hamm.

Hamm agreed to pay the nearly $1 billion back in November. Arnall has said she is entitled to more. She filed for an appeal, claiming that the fortune was due to both her work and his.

"Ms. Arnall, through her counsel, stated that they were rejecting the $974,790,317.77," Hamm's lawyer Michael Burrage confirmed Tuesday.

Arnall has already received two homes, a ranch and assets worth several million dollars. Accepting the check would have jeopardized her appeal, said her lawyer.

Hamm says the $1 billion settlement is too much as he has recently lost billions because of the state of his company, Continental. The losses are attributed to the steep decline of oil prices.

Hamm founded Continental Resources in 1967 and Arnall was an executive at the company.

The couple were married 26 years but failed to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Go here for photos of the homes awarded and VIDEO.

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