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Published: May 23, 2014
Scandalous pageant contestants [PHOTOS/VIDEOS] Katie Rees lewd behavior in Florida nightclub
by staff

Scandalous pageant contestants [PHOTOS/VIDEOS] Katie Rees lewd behavior in Florida nightclub, Katie Rees, the former Miss Nevada USA did not get a second chance like Tara Conner, Miss USA. 

Katie Rees lost her tiara over raunchy pictures posted online from a wild night out with friends when she was 19.

Katie Rees, a Miss USA contestant in 2006, apologized as her attorney pleaded for the beauty queen to be given a second chance ala Miss USA Tara Conner and Miss Teen USA Katie Blair.

Rees was quickly released after pageant officials were made aware of pictures online showing her kissing and fondling other women and flashing one of her breasts.

Rees' termination came only two days after Miss USA Tara Conner was allowed to keep her crown by pageant boss Donald Trump, after she admitted to drinking at New York City bars.

"I am so sorry this happened," Rees said at a news conference. "So many of us don't realize how our actions, even one night of poor judgment, can affect the rest of our lives."

Torres asked that Miss Universe Organization co-owner Donald Trump grant Rees the same opportunity he gave Miss USA Tara Conner and Miss Teen USA Katie Blair. Conner was spotted kissing Blair in public and there were reports that they were sneaking men into their Trump Place apartment.

"He always believes in second chances," Torres said of Trump. "We are asking for that and plead that he answer our call, allow us to meet with him and allow us to defend ourselves."

And even though Donald Trump seemed to open the door to take her crown back, the door was officially slammed shut. Paula Shugart, head of the Miss Universe Organization, tells the AP that she'd "thoroughly considered" Rees' request to be reinstated, but that there was "no recourse but to stand by our decision."

First runner-up Helen Salas assumed the title competed at the 2007 Miss USA pageant on 23 March in Los Angeles.


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