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Published: Mar 10, 2016
WATCH! Booming Boob Messaging Service Tittygram Seeks Models
by Maria Gomez

Work from home opportunity? In the midst of financial chaos in Russia that has hit entrepreneurs especially hard, the founders of messaging startup Tittygram have created their own "Silicone" Valley.

The outside the box service (rimshot!), launched in spring 2015 by Russian programmers from the city of Ulyanovsk, offers customers the ability to send a virtual card with a greeting or any other message written on boobs, male or female.

Female cleavage requests outpace male torsos 7-1 in case you were wondering.

Select your favorite model online and compose the content of your future message. In about an hour, you will receive a ready photo card that you can send to anyone you like as a gift.

The service costs $30. There is also a budget option for $8, but you don't get to choose the model only gender.

The service is apparently in high demand not only with customers but also with models. The anonymity of the models is a staple of the service. The company "employs" nearly a dozen female models, but nearly 60 others, including men, freelance with Tittygram. Can you say 'Home-based business'?

Applications have been apparently been coming in from different countries and, according to Russian media, the fee collected by the models ranges from $2 to around $7 per shot. If your interested in becoming a partner, click here.

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