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Published: Sep 8, 2008
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Fan's Moving Letter Saved Pink From Quitting Pop
by Staff

Pop star Pink has vowed never to quit making music, after hearing how her songs helped a young fan get through a harrowing rape ordeal.

The Trouble singer, real name Alecia Moore, admits she was once so emotionally pained that she came close to turning her back on her music career altogether.

But she was spurred on to continue when she received a letter from a 13-year-old devotee telling the story of how she was sexually abused by her grandfather following the death of her mother.

The fan, who revealed that her grandfather had also frequently raped her mum, wrote to Pink urging her to never turn her back on her music - because her songs gave the girl a reason to live.

Pink recalls, "I remember being in Paris and talking about my childhood, my parents divorcing and I started crying during an interview. I thought I was over music and I couldn't take any more. But then, not long after, I got a letter from this girl saying her grandfather was raping her.

"I get chills even talking about it. I have 50 of the most insanely awful letters that remind me that this job isn't about me."

And Pink insists she isn't fazed by critics who blast her for her songs' subject matters.

She adds: "It's crazy. Some people may say the new songs are heartache bulls**t but somebody out there is going to get through their pain a little easier, and that makes me feel better." (c) WENN

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