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Published: Oct 14, 2008
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Nash Bridges Show Was Hunter S. Thompson's Idea
by Staff

Don Johnson's hit Tv series Nash Bridges was inspired by his late neighbour Hunter S. Thompson.

The Miami Vice star made a deal for a 22-episode show with the then-boss of Tv network Cbs - and he admits he had no idea for a story.

That's where gonzo journalist and writer Thompson stepped in.

Johnson reveals, "I was probably one of the last actor/producers to get a guaranteed 22 episodes on the air, but I didn't have an idea; I just made the deal.

I told them (tv executives) I was going to create it (series) as I went along.

"My neighbour and friend, God rest his soul, Hunter Thompson and I were sitting around talking about television.

Hunter and I came up with one idea and out of that idea it evolved and underwent a metamorphosis.

I took that idea and I brought it to Carlton Cuse (executive producer/creator Miami Vice) to help format Nash Bridges into the show that finally made it on the air." (c) WENN

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