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Published: Jan 19, 2009
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Aubrey O'Day Blasts 'Negative' Bloggers
by Staff

Former Danity Kane star Aubrey O'Day has attacked online gossip blogs - accusing them of spreading "negativity" on the internet.

The singer occasionally updates her personal page with news entries for fans - but she draws the line at excessive amounts of online posting, especially when snide remarks are made about other people.

She tells, "I think that we have become obsessed with Internet blogging. And I think that there is so much negativity out there, and it's doing no one any good.

It's not doing the people that sit there and think of the nasty thoughts and spend the 10 to 20 hours of their day typing them up (any good).

"It's not doing the people that read them any good (either), because it's just consistently putting negativity in the air. It's not really doing anyone any good, and, you know, we are all so addicted to it. And maybe sit back and ask yourself why."

And she has singled out celebrity blogger Perez Hilton out for particular criticism, and has urged him to tone down his online rants against certain stars: "Let's put something good out there in the world, and if we can have Obama as our president, we can get the new Perez Hilton. The positive Perez Hilton. I'd like to see that in 2009."

And O'Day stands by her word, challenging someone "to go out there and start a blog that just focuses on the positive things people are doing (and) create a positive place for people to go and feel good about themselves." (c) WENN

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