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Published: Jan 19, 2009
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Uma Thurman 'Kills Time In The Air' By Doing Yoga In The Aisles
by Staff

Uma Thurman stunned passengers by doing a yoga routine on a recent flight.

The Hollywood star was travelling from New York's JFK Airport to Utah's Salt Lake City when she left her seat and began bending and stretching in front of shocked onlookers.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: "Uma started doing yoga in the aisles. She used the flight-attendant station as a ballet barre, where she stretched and did plies for 20 minutes."

Most travellers politely looked in another direction and put Uma's antics down to a stringent fitness regime.

However, they were surprised to see the health-conscious 38-year-old star race off the plane when it landed and immediately light up a cigarette.

The source explained: "After we left the plane, she ran for an exit and then chain-smoked like crazy."

Uma has previously revealed that if she isn't exercising she finds shopping helps her forget about the pressures of acting.

She said: "I shop all the time and I buy more or less anything! Clothes express the way I feel and I go through very different stages over the year, the month, the week or even the day." (c) BANG

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