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Published: Feb 2, 2009
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No Onstage Team-Up For John Lennon Sons Julian & Sean
by Staff

John Lennon's son Julian has blasted reports he is set to perform with his half-brother Sean at a United Nations event in February (09).

Fox News columnist Roger Friedman recently reported that the singing siblings were to team up onstage for the first time at the Un Millennium Goal Awards in New York.

But Julian - Lennon's son with his first wife Cynthia - has moved swiftly to quash the rumour, insisting it was made up by the journalist.

In a posting on his blog, he writes: "Sorry to say, but the news today about Sean & I playing together at the Un Awards came directly out of Roger Friedman's ass!

"Do they ever tell the truth at Fox? He/they didn't even attempt to get in touch with either of our reps or the producers of the Un event to find out whether this story was true or not. So you know what they represent."

Lennon's murder in 1980 reportedly led to a rift between the two siblings, with Julian and his mother left to battle Sean's mum Yoko Ono through the courts for a share of the singer's estate.

But the pair is said to have grown closer in recent years, bonding over their shared love of music. (c) WENN

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