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Published: Feb 13, 2009
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Jane Fonda Anti-War Film Gets DVD Release 37 Years After It Was Pulled
by Staff

Jane Fonda's controversial documentary opposing the Vietnam War is to be released on Dvd - 37 years after it was pulled from cinemas and withdrawn from circulation.

The actress emerged as a prominent political activist in the 1960s, opposing the longrunning American conflict in the Southeast Asian country.

Fonda teamed up with Donald Sutherland and Fred Gardner in 1970 to form the Fta (Free The Army) tour, an anti-war road show, and their protests were filmed for the documentary.

The movie hit cinemas in 1972, the same week Fonda made a controversial trip to Hanoi, North Vietnam, visiting opposition forces.

A week after its release, the film was removed from theatres, with director Francine Parker blaming pressure from the White House for making the movie "disappear".

But now the film will be available to watch for the first time since its limited release, with Docudrama Films planning to release it in a Dvd format later this year (09), according to New York Post gossip column PageSix. (c) WENN

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