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Published: Feb 13, 2009
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Kate Winslet Daughter Mia Gives Fashion Advice
by Staff

Actress Kate Winslet has found herself an unusual style critic - her young daughter Mia.

The Titanic star has had to up her fashion ante recently, as she has been attending a slew of movie premieres and award ceremonies in recognition of her two critically acclaimed films, The Reader and Revolutionary Road.

The 33-year-old tends to favour a little black dress to pose for photographers - but the star's eight-year-old is disapproving of her mum's style choices.

Speaking on U.S. talk show The View, Winslet says, "I have an eight-year-old daughter and she is a little bit of a fashionista. In fact, just last night she said to me: 'Mum, just a personal question. Why do you wear so much black?'

"I said to her what colour do you think I should wear? And she said, 'Pink. No, not pink. Anyone over the age of 10 shouldn't wear pink!'" (c) WENN

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