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Published: Feb 15, 2009
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Taylor Swift Stunned By Sold-Out Tour Date
by Staff

Teen country singer Taylor Swift is stunned she sold out a 20,000 ticket concert in a matter of minutes - because she was convinced "no one would come".

Swift, 19, booked Los Angeles' sports arena the Staples Center for a show in May (09) - one month after she kicks off her Fearless tour.

The singer slashed ticket prices to help fans cope with the world's struggling economy, setting the cheapest tickets at $20.

And Swift admits she feared booking such a big venue for her first headlining tour would be too much of a risk - until show bosses told her tickets were a hot commodity.

She says, "I'm freaking out. I can't even believe it. I started screaming because we thought it was a big risk to go to L.A. for the first headlining tour and go to the Staples Center, this big, huge venue. And then I got a call from my booking agent two minutes after it went on sale, like, 'Oh, by the way, it's sold out.' I had a closet fear that no one would come." (c) WENN

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