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Published: Feb 17, 2009
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Caught On Video: Lance Armstrong Bike Theives Suspects Beware
by Mitch Marconi

The thieves who stole Lance Armstrong's bicycle better hope that they aren't caught after a video of them stealing the bike was uncovered. It looks like these two fools got the cops right behind them.

According to TMZ, "The Sacramento PD told us the thieves that jacked Lance's one-of-a-kind bike after a race this weekend -- along with 3 other bikes belonging to his racing teammates -- were caught yellow handed on multiple surveillance cameras."

The key words are "multiple surveillance cameras", not to mention there were witness's who were able to give out some clues on who the suspects are. Since the theft Lance Armstrong put a picture of the bike on the web a.k.a. Twitter. He offered a nice reward for those who can get it back for him. Could it be a bunch of random strangers or some of the competition hoping to piss off Armstrong. Looks as though these fellas will be caught soon. (c) tPC

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