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Published: Feb 25, 2009
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'Harry Potter' Rob Knox Killer, Karl Bishop, Killed Him For Revenge And Self-Defense
by Jack Ryan

The young man who killed Harry Potter actor Rob Knox has come out and said he was acting out of revenge. According to reports, Karl bishop launched into frenzy, unsheathing 2 knives attacking Rob Knox and his friends.

According to The SUN, "Bishop claims he was acting in self-defense and that he was attacked by Rob and his friends outside the Metro bar in Sidcup, Kent, in May last year. But Mr Altman, in his closing speech to the jury, said Bishop's actions were out of any proportion to anything that may have happened to him."

Bishop denies all charges against him, including murder and five charges of stabbing five other people. Luckily, more did not die that day. (c) tPC

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