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Published: Feb 26, 2009
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Clint Eastwood 'Flattered' By Palme d'Or Award
by Staff

Clint Eastwood says he is "flattered" at receiving the Cannes Film Festival's Palme d'Or award.

The actor-and-director - whose Hollywood career began in the 50s - was awarded the prestigious Golden Palm for his contribution to film yesterday (25.02.09).

The 78-year-old screen legend revealed he is "very flattered" and thanked French filmmakers who "encouraged me to go on". He said: "In my own country people were much more reticent.

People were saying we're not even sure we like this guy as an actor much less as a director."

Festival President Gilles Jacob, who presented the award, praised Eastwood describing him as a "grand master at the summit of his craft".

He added: "It is testimony of my admiration and a quarter-century of complicity."

The special honour was given to the star, who is in Paris promoting latest movie 'Gran Torino', at a private ceremony in Parisian restaurant Le Fouquet's, three months before this year's Cannes festival kicks off on the Riviera. (c) BANG

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