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Published: Sep 13, 2008
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Chatsworth Commuter Metrolink Train Crash Photos: 12 Killed, 132 Injured
by Mitch Marconi

Chatsworth Metrolink Crash - At least Twelve people were killed and over a hundred were injured during the Friday rush hour in Los Angeles when a Metrolink commuter train collided with a freight train. It is now the worst disaster in Metrolink's history.

The Metrolink commuter train was believed to be carrying 222 people when it collided with a freight train Friday in the city of Chatsworth at around 4:30 p.m. PDT.  The collision knocked at least one car of the Metrolink commuter train on its side and started a fire at the scene.

KCAL-TV in Los Angeles kept reporters at a distance and urged people to stay away from the scene due to concerns about potential hazardous materials being hauled in the numerous derailed cars of the Union Pacific (NYSE:UNP) freight train.

More photos here.

KNBC-TV in Los Angeles said the train had pulled out of Union Station in downtown Los Angeles at 3:35 bound for Moorpark.
According to the report, the crash happened in an area where the tracks form a "U" shape, about 2,500 feet wide.

The now SECOND worst disaster in Metrolink's history happened on January 26 2005, in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale, when a man parked a gasoline-soaked truck on railroad tracks.

The train struck the vehicle and derailed, striking another Metrolink train traveling the other way, killing 11 people and injuring about 180 others.

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