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Published: Sep 13, 2008
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Hurricane Ike Damage 'Extensive,' Photos and Pictures Online
by Mitch Marconi

Hurricane Ike damge photos online - President Bush said Saturday that Hurricane Ike was an enormous storm that had caused extensive damage in Texas and parts of Louisiana.

See the photos here.

Bush also warned on Saturday that the danger from Hurricane Ike had not yet passed.

Bush, in a statement at the White House, also said the government would be monitoring gasoline prices to "make sure consumers are not being gouged."

He said the government had "suspended EPA waivers on certain reformulated gasolines which will make it easier for imports from abroad to make it into our markets."

Bush spoke after Hurricane Ike barreled into the densely populated Texas coast near Houston early on Saturday. It broght a wall of water and ferocious winds and rain that could cause catastrophic flooding along the Gulf of Mexico and cripple the fourth-largest U.S. city, reports Reuters.

Thousands of homes and government buildings are flooded, roads are washed out, nearly 3 million people lost power and several fires burned unabated, according to the AP.

Though roughly 1 million people fled coastal communities, authorities in four counties alone said roughly 140,000 ignored mandatory evacuation orders and stayed behind.

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