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Published: Sep 17, 2008
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Mystery Ship Photos and Video: Ike Reveals Civil War Blockade Runner?
by Bill Jacobsen

Hurricane Ike's winds devastated the Gulf Coast last weekend. However those same winds have also uncovered an ancient relic, a mystery ship (photos linked below).

An unidentified wooden shipwreck discovered two years ago after Hurricane Ivan hit the Alabama Gulf Coast on September 16, 2004. It was buried in the sand but has now been completely uncovered by the high winds and the surf near Fort Morgan, Alabama.

This is the most visible the roughly 150 foot long, 30 foot wide wooden ship has ever been, according to reports. The only thing known about the possible 19th century sailing vessel is that it appears to have been powered by steam.

While no one knows for sure, historians think the ship might have been a blockade-runner from the civil war. The site is only a couple of miles east of the known wreck of the Civil War blockade runner Ivanhoe.

The mystery ship's location is at the 6 mile marker on Fort Morgan Road.

Video is here. Photos are here.

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