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Published: Sep 24, 2008
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NSFW Pics Of Naked Cyclist: Gennifer Moss Strips and Shocks
by Toshiba Reynolds

A woman by the name of Gen Ross, better known as naked cyclist Gennifer Moss and 'Earth Friend Gen', likes organic foods and roller-skating in the nude.

The California woman is apparently 'earth-friendly' and enjoys organic food and bare biking in Portland, Oregon. She is not afraid of a little skin and shows hers quite often.

The earth-friendly lady, who wanted to skate nude on the Fourth of July, petitioned local city officials of Oregon, only to be turned down.

Gen has also had the police called on her, including a time when construction workers complained, prompting cops to instruct the nudist to cover her genitalia.

Go here for Gen's...ahem, NSFW nude photos! Safe Video is here. Safe photos here.

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