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Published: Oct 6, 2008
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Katy Perry Racy Photos: Kissed A Girl Hitmaker Shows Off Rack
by Mike Baron

Katy Perry has been working so hard to promote hit song I Kissed A Girl, she doesn't have time to sleep. I don't know about you but I'm not all that familiar with new Pop sensation, Katy Perry.

but after seeing the video below of Katy Perry's breasts covered in plaster for a breast cancer charity and hearing her claim on the Stern show that she has DD breasts, well, let's just say she's got a lot of people's attention.

The singer has been pushing her tune worldwide in the last few months - and admits it is taking its toll on her body clock.

Perry has pondered dropping the hit song from her set - but admits the financial benefits spur her on to continue performing the tune.

She says, "The song follows me around wherever I am in the world, it's all people wanna hear.

"But I can't get too sick of it as it's paying for my grandchildren's college tuition. Maybe in three years I'll retire it or something.

"It's funny in certain situations - like when you walk into the grocery store and they're playing it and then I get in my car and it's on the radio. I'm like: 'Please, I get it.'"

Anyway, we found this mysterious candid of her in a see-thru nightgown that seemed to support her claim. Dickie has the larger version as well as some other candids here.

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