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Published: Oct 9, 2008
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Newsweek Cover, Reuters and AP Sarah Palin 'Upskirt' Photos Expose Sexism
by Jack Ryan

First it was Sarah Palin on the cover of this week's Newsweek with the caption "She's one of the Folk" that drew criticsm. 

Now we can add the Reuters wire service (who we utilize - full disclosure) into the mix with their 'porn' like upskirt - thru the legs photos of the Alaskan Governor's legs.

Do you feel the photo to the left is an appropriate picture of the Republican VP nominee published by Reuters on Wednesday? What is this "Risky Business"?

By the way, this is not some oddball shot as Ace Of Spades appropriately points out. They have several pics from a single Reuters photo series.

"One wouldn't mind the shots of her very finely crafted calves, except for the obvious intent to demean her as a mere sex object."


Newsweek's Jon Meacham thinks that Governor Sarah Palin is too much a commoner and too stupid to be allowed to become vice president of the United States of America, as we previously reported via News Busters.

The 'dumbing down and tarting up' of the Republican VP hopeful is out en-masse. The message is that if you are a good looking woman, your simply an object. No media outlet ever treated Hillary Clinton this way.

News busters points us to the L.A. Times' The Dish Rag blog, Elizabeth Snead ponders how Newsweek convinced Sarah Palin to pose "with a rifle" for the cover of their next issue?

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