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Published: Oct 11, 2008
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Sweet Sixteen Miley Cyrus Nude Lookalikes Invade The Web
by Jack Ryan

Miley Cyrus celebrated her 16th birthday in Disneyland, Florida, yesterday. The 'Hannah Montana' star has been given quite a bit of grief lately. Some of it has been deserved and some not.

Over the last year, Miley has been snapped in several semi-sexy, semi nude photos taken including one in underwear. They have without a doubt, tarnished the young starlet in many Mom's eyes.

One really has to wonder if Miley Cyrus is attempting to imitate some of the other Disney and Nickelodeon teen stars such as Vanessa Hudgens.

Ever since, the Miley Cyrus naked picture hunt has been out in full-effect. None have turned up to be real, but some bear an uncanny resemblance.

Because she is only 16, photos of a nude Miley would be illegal to post. However, there are a handful of imitations that have been posted in an attempt to fool the unsuspecting surfer. Dickie has a few here.

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