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Published: Oct 14, 2008
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Caylee Anthony Mom Casey Re-Arrested on Multiple Murder Charges
by Tashi Singh

Third Time's a Charm - Casey Anthony has been re-arrested on homocide charges in the case of her missing daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Let's start with case facts (Scroll down for latest updates): The mother of a missing Florida toddler is a "person of interest" in a possible homicide.

Casey was formerly charged with child neglect and other charges involving alleged lies to police about her daughter's whereabouts. Caylee Marie Anthony, 2, has not been seen for more than a month. Caylee allegedly disappeared on June 9th.

Investigators have said stains, along with hair and dirt, were found in the trunk of a car belonging to the mother, Casey Anthony. The hair was "similar" to that of Caylee Anthony's hair. There also was the odor of human decomposition, the same odor detected in her parents' backyard. Two separate cadaver dogs hit on the car, indicating the scent of death.

Investigators found nothing when they dug in the backyard of Caylee's grandmother Cindy Anthony's home.

Cindy Anthony, Casey's mother, told an interviewer on the "Early Show" on CBS that her daughter "has her reasons why she can't be completely honest" with police. Caylee's grandmother, Cindy, has maintained that she does not know anything about her granddaughter's disappearance and will not discuss her daughter's unwillingness to be honest with police.

The 911 tapes in which Cindy reported her granddaughter missing were released. In the first tape, Cindy said her daughter Casey had been missing for a month and that she "just found her". (Cindy recently said in court that she spoke with her daughter everyday between the time she disappeared and the time she returned.) She wanted Casey arrested and reported that she had stolen her automobile and "some money" on the 30th of June. Cindy said Casey would not tell her where Caylee was.

In the second tape, Cindy Anthony is obviously panicked and goes into detail about her granddaughter's disappearance.   She told the dispatcher that her daughter "just admitted" that her granddaughter was taken by Casey's long-time babysitter.  "There's something wrong," she said. Cindy found her daughter's car and told the dispatcher that the car smelled like there was a dead body in it. (Cindy later insisted she did not smell a dead body, but a rotting pizza.) Casey then talks with the dispatcher, confirming that her daughter has been missing - and that she's been trying to find her through "other resources" before reporting it to police. Casey claimed she knows who took her daughter - Caylee's nanny. Her name is Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, a woman that has never been proven to exist.

While Casey Anthony was in jail on child neglect charges, sources revealed Casey was out partying a week after her daughter went missing. Casey was photographed partying with men at a club on June 20th - well after the date she told police her daughter went missing.

Casey then changed her story and so did her attorney, claiming the date she gave police as the day her daughter disappeared is false and that Casey 'was lacking the guidance of an attorney' at the time. Apparently Caylee disappeared "much later" than the date Casey gave authorities, perhaps even early July. The grandmother Cindy, however, says Caylee was gone on June 15th.

Casey was also seen partying with friends on July 4th.

Crime Scene Investigators, or CSI, took "evidence" from the home of Cindy Anthony after arriving with empty bags and leaving with two full bags in August.

It is believed that CSI officials collected bags of evidence in the search for Caylee. Reports suggest Casey may have borrowed a shovel around the time Caylee disappeared. A new 'concrete slab' in the backyard was also brought into question.

Caylee Anthony's grandfather had alleged in a television interview that Casey stole two gas cans shortly before the youngster disappeared. George Anthony told Fox News the containers and about $50 worth of gasoline disappeared from his backyard tool shed in Orlando June 24 and he saw one of them in the trunk of a car belonging to his daughter, Casey Anthony, later that day.

The Orlando Sentinel said Orange County, Fla., sheriff's investigators recovered the cans from Casey Anthony's home in August. Casey Anthony remained in jail after being formally charged with child neglect and lying to police.

Authorities searched lakes nearby the Anthony home, but claim the dives were not related to the Caylee case.

On August 11, the family of missing Caylee reached out to psychic detective Gale St. John, who has appeared on several TV shows and has been hired for other cases, for help. Gale planned to search the streets of Central Florida for a "person signature".

She said at the time, "We will not even look at street names."

"We drive and go completely on feeling instinct, chasing down what we call a person signature."

Casey had been refusing visits from her family, including her parents. Her brother canceled his August 12th visit.

August 18 - 19th: Sacramento bounty hunter Leonard Padilla arranged for the $500,000 bail for Casey Anthony because he had a "hunch" that Caylee is alive.

Padilla's people planed to work with Casey to get her daughter back and believed it would take 5 days to find the missing girl.

Some believed Padilla's sympathy and bail are part of a publicity stunt.

August 21 - Casey was released from jail.

August 25 - Leonard Padilla said he thought Casey left daughter Caylee in the care of friends and did not drop her with a babysitter as she initially told police, The Orlando Sentinel reported.

"I think what she was trying to do was break away from her parents' home," said Padilla, adding the 22-year-old was "in the process of re-establishing herself and her daughter."

Padilla admitted his theory is speculation, saying he had no contact with law enforcement and bases his theory only on what he's seen.

"She's not concerned," he said. "You've seen her. Her demeanor is that of a parent who knows her child is safe."

August 26 - Casey Anthony allegedly wanted to put her child up for adoption before she was born, court documents say.

The Orlando Sentinel said prosecution documents show Anthony initially had considered giving away unborn Caylee, but her mother ultimately insisted she change her mind on the matter.

The adoption allegation came from Casey's childhood friend, Kiomarie Torres Cruz, who also said in the documents Anthony may suffer from bipolar disorder.

Another of Anthony's friends, Amy Huizenga, alleges in the released documents the 22-year-old mother repeatedly brought the 3-year-old to adult parties and may have been behind Caylee's disappearance on July 15.

"I think something accidentally happened … Casey freaked out. I don't know how she solved that problem. But then created this story in her head," Huizenga is quoted as saying in the court papers.

August 28 - Authorities revealed that forensic reports prove there was a decomposing body in the car Casey was using.

August 29 - Leonard Padilla has revealed that he plans to revoke Casey Anthony's bond, sending her back to jail as early as Saturday.

According to the bounty hunter that was so convinced he could 'help' Casey, her safety and the safety of his crew are at risk. When asked if the reason for his forfeited mission was because Casey was uncooperative, he replied that 'both' reasons were cause enough to send her back to jail.

Padilla told that the decision was made after days of back-and-forth.

"The new charges, increased security concerns and some of the new DNA evidence that's come in put the bond at risk," Padilla said in a telephone interview. He declined to say what DNA evidence led to the decision to withdraw the bond.

September 2: Authorities have revealed that Caylee's body was in the mother's trunk. According to Orange County Sheriff's Sgt. John Allen, "We clearly have evidence that indicates there was a dead body in the trunk of Casey [Anthony's] car, and that body was Caylee [Anthony]."

Casey Anthony wrote in a poem on July 7, just days before she reported her daughter missing:

"What is given, Can be taken away. Everyone lies. Everyone dies."

Sept. 4 - Chloroform was found in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car - and the chemical may have led to Caylee's possible 'accidental' death.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, preliminary FBI tests found traces of Chloroform in Casey's trunk, as well as evidence of decomposition.

Chloroform, which is sometimes used by young parents to force their children to sleep while they go out, can be fatal if too much is used.

Sept. 5 - Caylee Anthony is still missing - and her mother Casey Anthony has been released from jail again.

Another bail bondsman has, yet again, posted the $500,000 bail for Casey Anthony's release - and she walked out of jail late Friday morning.

The Orlando bail bondsman who posted Anthony's bail, Joe Von Waldner, claims he is working for a surety company and with MacDonald Bail Bonds.

Sept. 9 - Casey Anthony was meeting with her case manager to schedule her week ahead, now that she is no longer in prison for "check fraud".

The search for Caylee Anthony goes on, though weather has caused some cancellations, despite police officials saying Caylee is most likely dead.

Sept. 15 - Audio tapes from early in the investigation show police knew Casey was lying from the very beginning. Her lies are exposed on the investigation tapes. Go here for the videos.
Also, Casey was charged Thursday with stealing from a friend who had lent her a car. Prosecutors in Orange County say that Casey Anthony borrowed Amy Huizenga's car while Huizenga was in Puerto Rico in July, the Orlando Sentinel reported. She allegedly stole some of Huizenga's checks and cashed them at stores, cleaning out her bank account.

Prosecutors said that Casey had already posted bond on the formal charges filed Thursday and would not be re-arrested, Fox News said. Neighbors in the Orlando subdivision where Anthony's parents live plan to ask a judge to limit the number of protesters around the house.

Sept. 16 - Casey Anthony is out of jail once again after her attorney, Jose Baez, insisted police have been using 'scare tactics' an had dragged old check fraud charges out on purpose.

Casey Anthony, who was equipped with an ankle monitor, went back to her parents' house after her attorney blasted authorities for using the fraud charges to their advantage:

"We all know they knew of these charges," Baez said.

"And I think we are seeing the games that are being played. The news for you guys is I'm not intimidated - not in any way, shape or form."

Sept. 19 - The grandparents of missing Florida child Caylee Anthony say a group of angry protesters attacked their home in Orlando and assaulted one of them. Cindy Anthony, Caylee's grandmother, says protesters allegedly began throwing rocks at her house early Thursday morning and then attempted to drag her husband, George, into the street, WKMG-TV, Orlando, reported.

The group of enraged protesters then fled the scene saying See you tomorrow to the two, Cindy Anthony said. Police later arrived at the scene, but no arrests have been made.

One anonymous protester outside the home of the child's grandparents told WKMG-TV there is concern that Casey Anthony had something to do with Caylee's disappearance. "(We're here) just to protest," the woman said. "It's just to break them down. I think they are just protecting their daughter (Casey) which is the wrong thing to do in this case."

October 7 - Casey Anthony has been out of jail for about three weeks now and while she has kept a low profile, there is news today that she is requesting to visit "points of interest" in the case regarding her missing daughter.

Casey's attorney has filed a request for Casey to be able to visit undisclosed areas without the media following her - so that she can perhaps help find her missing daughter.

Casey has maintained that her daughter is not dead - and that the people who have her are dangerous.

October 9 - Casey Anthony may be arrested for murder soon. According to Orlando reports, the state attorney's office plans to finally present its case to a grand jury next week, who will determine if the evidence gathered against Casey Anthony is strong enough to prosecute her.

Because Caylee Anthony's body has not been found, the prosecutor's job will be that much harder. They will have to prove that Caylee is deceased. (c) tPC (c) UPI

October 14 - A grand jury has indicted Casey Anthony on murder and other charges.

Casey Anthony has been re-arrested for the third and final time after a grand jury indicted her on charges of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter, aggravated child abuse and four counts of lying to investigators - without bail.

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