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Published: Oct 26, 2008
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Anne Pressly Has Died: KATV Anchor Succumbs To Injuries
by Mike Baron

Anne Pressly, the Arkansas television anchorwoman brutally attacked in her own home and found unresponsive in bed by her mother on Monday, has died of her injuries, Little Rock’s KATV has announced. 

Anne Pressly, photo to the left (and below), was found in her home early Monday suffering from an attack.

Pressly had been transferred to a local hospital with severe injuries after her mother found her injured at her residence on October 19.

Little Rock police say the KATV anchor was found about 4:30 a.m. lying in her bed with "severe wounds," Little Rock police spokesman Cassandra Davis said.

26-year-old Anne Pressly usually receives a wake-up call from her mother every morning before work - so when she didn't answer, her mother drove to her home.

According to Davis, there are no suspects currently and that the attack might have come during a robbery, because Pressly's purse was no where to be found.

Anne Pressly anchored the 5 a.m. broadcast for KATV, an ABC affiliate.

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