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Published: Oct 27, 2008
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Julian King Body Found: Jennifer Hudson Nephew Killed?
by Tashi Singh

The presumed body of Julian King has been found. Police revealed Monday that they located the body of a young boy found following a search for actress Jennifer Hudson's 7-year-old nephew.

Update: Jennifer Hudson has sadly identified the body

Julian King has been missing since Hudson's mother and brother were killed last week, and he is likely and sadly now gone to be with them.

Police did not immediately release the identity of the body but according to media reports, the body was believed to be Jennifer Hudson's nephew.

The body was fatally shot.

The body was found in the vehicle belonging to Jennifer's brother, Jason, 29, who was killed last week. Interestingly enough, William Balfour - now in custody - had use of that vehicle recently.

Police believed last week, when Julian went missing, that he was kidnapped in Jason's vehicle.

Jennifer Hudson had posted a $100,000 reward for her nephew, Julian King, who now appears to be deceased.

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