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Published: Oct 28, 2008
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Playboy Mansion Halloween Masks and Party Photos: Karina and Kristina Shannon
by Tashi Singh

Karina and Kristina Shannon were among the many sexy Playboy ladies to wear masks and be a part of Hugh Hefner's annual Playboy Mansion Halloween Party.

Nudity, bunny tails and naughty outfits were the highlights of Hugh Hefner's Halloween party Saturday night - and Karina and Kristina Shannon sure didn't seem to mind all the sexy competition!

Fox News paints the picture: His new girlfriends, infamous twins Karina and Kristina Shannon, took their proud place beside their magazine mogul and didn't seem too bothered that he proceeded to well, let's just say do some inappropriate things to other gals. Around midnight Hef headed up to his master bedroom with some specially selected VIP bunnies (or wannabes).

Apparently the line to get into Hef's bedroom was backed up all the way to the staircase, where security had to turn away several manipulative young ladies.

Go here for safe photos! Go here for naughty photos

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