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Published: Oct 29, 2008
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Charles Barkley: Fox News Is 'Turrible'
by Jim Brogan

TNT basketball analyst, former NBA star and current Frank Caliendo target, Charles Barkley has called Fox News Channel 'turrible' and 'corrupt.'

Fox News has dismissed Barkley simply as a "mouthpiece" for CNN, reports Ben Grossman.

Barkley, who is lampooned on a regular basis by TBS's FrankTV impressionist Frank Caliendo, a possible future Alabama gubernatorial candidate, says he is no fan of the Fox News Channel.

"I watch CNN, they’re not fucked up like Fox," Barkley told Broadcasting Cable.  "They are a mouthpiece for the Republican Party. I watch [Fox] a couple times when there is someone I want to see on there. But they’re corrupt .... I like Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper and John King. They at least try to give both sides."

A Fox News Channel spokesperson fired back immediately. "It’s hardly a surprise that Charles is a shill for a Turner owned network.... He obviously needs the steady paycheck to pay off his consistent gambling debts," the spokesperson told B&C.

Caliendo as Barkley below.

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