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Published: Dec 3, 2008
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Photo: Brittany Flickinger (Video) Is Paris Hilton BFF Winner
by Toshiba Reynolds

Paris Hilton My New BFF Winner is Brittany Flickinger (photos, video).  Brittany Flickinger, the singer of a Las Vegas-based rock band, has won the Paris Hilton "Best Friend Forever" contest.

Brittany was named Hilton's BFF on the finale of Tuesday's My New BFF "reality" show on MTV.

Paris told Brittany, "The truth is you won't be joining me in my life. But," she adds after a long pause, "I hope you'll join me for our life together Because you're my new BFF. Are you ready for a crazy life?"

According to her official bio for the show, Brittany Flickinger loves to party and cause a lot of noise around the town, she maintains a fairly straight-laced lifestyle with limited drinking and no sex.

Her MySpace page is here. 

LaLate has more photos and video here.


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