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Published: Dec 4, 2008
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Top 10 Cheerleader Scandals Inspired By Bothell High School Cheerleaders Racy Photos
by Mike Baron

In honor of two Bothell High School cheerleaders, who snapped racy cellphone pictures of themselves and then "accidentally" sent them to other students, we've decided to compile the Top 10 cheerleading scandals (with a little help from Fan IQ) in sports.

Some would probably even question the reason for being on the list, such as a little player-cheerleader fraternization. While others... well, continue reading to find out.

First, the current scandal. The parents of two Bothell High School Cheerleaders in western Washington are suing the Bothell High School district for mishandling racy photos of two cheerleaders.

During the investigating the saucy snaps, the Bothell High School administrators took a good hard look at the pics, but the girls parents allege in their lawsuit that they were not properly notified of the incident that led to the cheerleaders suspension from the cheer squad. Those snaps would end up in the hands of fellow students and on the internet. Read more about it and see the photos here.

Here's the list, starting with #10:

#10: Chris Cooley And Christy Oglevee

This really isn't a scandal anymore, but at the time they started dating, it was. Chris was (and still is) a tight end for the Washington Redskins and Christy was a cheerleader. There's pretty strict rules concerning fraternization between players and cheerleaders. They are married now.

#9: Indiana Cheerleader

An Indiana cheerleader made the mistake of posing in some extremely NSFW photographs while she was on the 2008 squad. She naturally lost her spot on the team once the pictures wound up all over the internet.

#8: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The CFL is even getting in on the action. Earlier in the year, a bunch of racy pictures surfaced featuring the Blue Bombers cheerleaders. It turns out they were older pictures, mostly from 2005, and none of the girls were still with the team, but they were still photographed in uniform.

#7: McKinnley, Texas - The "Fab Five"

This story was a huge deal that it eventually inspired a Lifetime original movie about it. Here's the movie synopsis from IMDB:

"Five high school cheerleaders, including the daughter of the school principal, run amok -- and teachers, parents and administrators allow them to get away with a wide range of scandalous behavior. Know as the "fab five," the girls disregard school rules, drink alcohol and post suggestive pictures on the Internet...."

#6: Sacramento Kings Dance Team

Several members of the Sacramento Kings dance team got in quite a bit of trouble when photos leaked out of them partying one night. 

#5: Vanessa Curry And Kobe Bryant

Back in May, word came out that just after the NBA playoffs began that one Vanessa Curry was dropped from the Lakers dance squad. The reason:  Because she had been having an affair with Kobe Bryant.

#4: Arizona State

Six ASU cheerleaders appeared in their undiesr in a set of fairly benign pictures that were apparently taken at a "cheer party."

#3: Caitlin Davis, New England Patriots

Caitlin Davis, Patriots cheerleader, posted some pictures on her facebook profile of her holding a marker over her drunk friend. Problem is, someone had written swastikas and penis drawings all over that particular friend.

#2: Carolina Panthers, Bathroom Sexscapades

This has to be the biggest NFL cheerleader scandal. Panthers cheerleaders Angela Ellen Keathley and Renee Thomas were in a bathroom stall together at a nightclub in Florida, when other patrons started getting upset because the girls had been in there entirely too long. What were two young ladies be doing? According to witnesses, they were having sex.

#1 Courtney Simpson, Arizona State

As FanIq clearly states, this cheerleading scandal puts all the other ones to shame. Courtney Simpson, who grew up in a devout Mormon family, arrived at ASU in 2004 on a full academic scholarship and wound up in the pornography industry - all while still at ASU.

Read more details and see ALL THE NAUGHTY PHOTOS at Fan IQ here.

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