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Published: Jan 16, 2009
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Scam! Mysterious Credit Card Charge Baffles Consumers Nationwide
by Staff

The National White Collar Crime Center has warned consumers about a new mysterious credit card charge scam that costs only pennies.

The center says almost 300 people across 46 states have reported these mysterious charges that range from 21 to 48 cents on their credit card statements.

The charges originate with a phony company called Adele Services in New York.

According to the Center, the withdrawals are so minute that most people simply ignore them, however officials warn that the first withdrawal is just the beginning of the scam.

"The scary thing is that 21 cents is nothing, but that's what the fraudsters are counting on. But what you have to realize, is that 21 cents represents something much larger, your identity and access to your personal information," said Jason Boone with the National White Collar Crime Center.

The Center advises checking your credit card statements often, and if you detect a suspicious charge, report it to your bank, law enforcement, and the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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