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Published: Jan 23, 2009
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'Bizarre' New Creature Discovery Photo: The Carnivorous Sea Squirt
by Jim Brogan

The carnivorous Sea Squirt has been discovered on the floors and deep waters off the Australian coast. 

The bizarre flesh-eating carnivorous Sea Squirt was found during a four-week expedition to explore the deep ocean southwest of Tasmania, using a remotely controlled submarine.

The scientific voyage by U.S. and Australian researchers explored a near vertical slice in the earth's crust known as the Tasman Fracture Zone, which drops from approximately 2 km to more than 4 km deep.

"We set out to search for life deeper than any previous voyage in Australian waters," said Ron Thresher from Australia's Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

"Our sampling documented the deepest known Australian fauna, including a bizarre carnivorous sea squirt, sea spiders and giant sponges, and previously unknown marine communities dominated by gooseneck barnacles and millions of round, purple-spotted sea anemones," Thresher said in a statement on Sunday.

The Sea Squirt is a Carnivorous Venus fly trap of the sea. Many things are still unknown about these creatures. Some of the creatures found were Sea Squirt Ascidian, Alpheus Pistol Shrimp, Lebbeus Lobster, Marginaster Seastar, Trichopeltarion crab. To see more larger pictures - Click HERE  (c) tPC

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