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Original Entertainment
Published: Feb 13, 2009
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Nadya Suleman Pregnancy Photos Online Jaw-Dropping and She Loves it!
by Tashi Singh

Nadya Suleman is making headlines every day, it seems, but today is a rather special day -

because the octuplets mother's pregnancy photos have hit the net!

'Octo-Mom' Nadya Suleman, who conceived octuplets as a result of her in-vitro fertilization treatments, is probably thrilled now that her pregnancy photos have surfaced on the internet.

Why, do you ask? Because the mother 14 children recently created the "Suleman Family Web Site" for people to donate money to her and any and all publicitiy is only going to draw more atteniton - which means more dollar signs for the in-vitro fanatic.

Not only will she receive money, but she might even end up with a plastic surgery offer to repair the damage done by her growing eight children.

Anything is possible! See more and read more here.

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