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Tittle-Tattle Too™
Published: Feb 19, 2009
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Fake Boobies Banned: Woman Boxer (Photo) Breast Implants a No-No
by Mike Baron

A bleach-blonde model with fake breasts has decided to become a boxer, but unfortunately for her, boxing bosses don't have a way to protect her gel chest.

25-year-old woman boxer-wannabe Sarah Blewden isn't happy after the Amateur Boxing Association told her she could not fight in the ring - because of her fake breast.

Sarah explains: "I think it is just ridiculous. My surgeon said they make me no more vulnerable than any other woman. They are not enormous ones - they are in proportion."

"They are gel implants and not liquid so they won't burst. And if I suffer capsular contracture and need to pay for corrective surgery then that is my decision."

So what is capsular contracture? It's a distortion of the breasts and breast tissue. A breast protector could solve that, but the ABA hasn't designed an effective one yet.

"They told me they have not got an approved breast protector but it just seems they haven't done the research and aren't willing to do it. I think I am the first woman to approach the ABA with this problem."

"Women haven't been allowed to box for that long and this is an obstacle I want to get over so other women like me won't have the same problem."

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