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Published: Feb 24, 2009
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Free Pancakes At IHOP Today, Land Of Twins and World's Oldest Dog Photo
by Jack Ryan

A rural area in Brazil that has produced so many twins has been dubbed the "land of twins," the world's oldest living dog is age 102 (canine years) and IHOP will give out free pancakes today to celebrate National Pancake Day.  

First: In Brazil, Some believe that something is in the water -- a mysterious mineral, perhaps -- that can be pinpointed as being responsible for the town's unusual concentration of twins. The mystery has persisted for decades, attracting international attention, inspiring books and is now being marketed to tourists as the "twins capital of the world." The New York Times has more here.

Secondly: Chanel is a wire haired Daschund that is more than 20 years old in human time and is still going strong. A retired Army veteran who now works as a school secretary adopted Chanel in 1988. Chanel does have to wear a pair of special goggles for her cataracts. She also has to wear a sweater because the temperature change affects her more as time goes on. Read more about it here.

Lastly: Today IHOP restaurants nationwide will be offering customers a free short stack of three buttermilk pancakes to celebrate National Pancake Day. The pancake freebie runs from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. IHOP is asking patrons to donate what they would have paid for the pancakes, or more, to benefit Children's Miracle Network or other children's charities. Read more here.

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