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Published: Feb 25, 2009
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Dying Jayla Cooper (Video and Photos) is 9 Year Old Bride
by Mitch Marconi

Jayla Cooper story - Unlike many other stories about children getting married and people going crazy over it, we have a new kind of story.

In a very touching, amazing story, we have little 9-year-old bride Jayla Cooper who marries her best friend 7-year-old Jose Griggs. Jayla Cooper reportedly has weeks to live as she is on a certain path to death with her struggle with leukemia.

Jose Griggs also has leukemia, but doctors are saying he may win his battle.

According to Associated Content, "9-year-old bride Jayla Cooper was married to her 7-year-old friend in Dallas on Sunday. Jayla Cooper became a 9-year-old-bride because it is one of the last things she can do while alive. Jayla Cooper has been living with leukemia for two years, and is about to lose that fight. Cooper's childhood leukemia is expected to finally claim her life within two weeks. To mark her final weeks on Earth, Jayla Cooper became the 9-year-old-bride of a fellow leukemia patient and friend, 7-year-old Jose Griggs."

The two children married on Sunday, vowed to be "friends forever". According to reports the young married couple met while being treated at a Children's Hospital in Dallas.

They went to a water park in Texas for there celebrated marriage. More photos and videos available here. (c) tPC

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