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Original Technology
Published: Mar 2, 2009
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Cam Hoan Ton-That Pics: Anarcho-Transsexual Geek Behind Virus?
by Jim Brogan

The Viddyho worm propagated itself through instant messaging recently and has been traced back to an account registered to Cam Hoan Ton-That.

Cam Hoan Ton-That is a software developer and self-described "Anarcho-Transexual Afro-Chicano American Feminist Studies Major," according to the Harvard Crimson says it has unearthed the person responsible for the software virus.

The worm was first detected on Feb. 24, when Google Talk users were instructed to click through to a site called to view a video. They were then asked for their Google Talk username and password in order to view the video.

Once the user clicked through, the worm spread to everyone on the contact lists of the users, the Crimson reports.

The Crimson reports that Cam Hoan Ton-That is the individual behind Now Hoan Ton-That may not be the individual who created and deployed the worm. His attorney, Andre Gharakhanian, said that as far as he knew Cam Hoan Ton-That was not the individual responsible for the worm.

According to a Valleywag report dated Feb. 25, Hoan Ton-That's Twitter profile declared him to be an "Anarcho-Transexual Afro-Chicano American Feminist Studies Major."

Cam Hoan Ton-That reportedly hung out at a popular San Francisco coffee house called Sugarlump.

The mere fact that so many otherwise tech savvy people have fallen for this type of trap shows that experiments in user authentication (like OpenID) still have a whole lot further to go in security, writes ReadWriteWeb.

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