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Tittle-Tattle Too™
Published: Mar 7, 2009
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Tonya Harding Rips (Video) Obama Over Kneecap Comment
by Tashi Singh

Some people just don't know how to take a joke. Tonya Harding, a U.S. Figure Skating champion who conspired to her an opponent in a competition, is pissed.

In an interview with HBO's 'Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel', skater Tonya Harding, who conspired to hurt a fellow competitor in the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, rips Barack Obama for using her name in a campaign speech.

Obama joked in 2007: "Folks said there's no way Obama has a chance unless he goes and kneecaps the person ahead of us, does a Tonya Harding."

"We decided that's not the kind of campaign we wanted to run," he said.

Below is an angry Tonya. Go here for a trip down memory lane - to see the Tonya Harding sex tape.

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