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Tittle-Tattle Too™
Published: Mar 20, 2010
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(Video) Cheech Marin Destroys CNN's Anderson Cooper On Jeopardy
by Jack Ryan

CNN Network continues its losing streak on 'Jeopardy, all thanks to Cheech Marin. Anderson Cooper admitted that his "Jeopardy" appearance was smoked by the pot-smoking star and actor of classic cult films such as 'Up in Smoke' and 'Still Smoking'.

Cooper admitted on Anderson Cooper 360°, "I was even more confident when I heard I was up against Cheech Marin. I admit, I thought his reflexes would be slow, not to mention his synapses perhaps, but I was so very very wrong."

Cooper is the third CNN host to finish last in an episode of Jeopardy. Cooper and Aisha Tyler had $0 at the end of Jeopardy, Marin had $10,200.

Cheech Marin won for the charity called the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. (c) tPC

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