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Published: Feb 26, 2009
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Video: Comet Lulin Still Visible, Apocalypse 2012? & Earthlike Planets
by Staff

Comet Lulin is a spectacular green comet and became visible to the naked eye this week, scientists have debunked the Apocalypse 2012 theory and A U.S. spacecraft searches for Earthlike planets.

Comet Lulin was Discovered only a year ago. Lulin's color comes from the poisonous, cyanide-like gases that make up its enormous atmosphere.

Lulin will come within 30 million miles of Earth or so, the closest it has ever been, or about the same distance away as Mars.

To the naked eye, it will appear like a small green smudgeball creeping across the night sky.

Sky and Telescope has put out a great primer for seeing the green cloud in North America. Right now  is the optimum time to try and see it. Sky and Telescope editor-in-chief Robert Naeye says Lulin should be at its best from Feb. 23 through the 28th.

"In a very dark, unpolluted, natural night sky -- such as few people see any more -- the comet is dimly visible to the unaided eye," writes Naeye. "Even in a more light-polluted suburban sky, however, a good pair of binoculars will do the trick. But you have to know exactly where to look."

Here's a star chart from A video is below.

A U.S. spacecraft toting the biggest camera ever sent into space will be launched next month to scour our region of the Milky Way galaxy for warm, rocky planets like Earth that may host life.

Also, people are still preparing for a possible apocalypse in 2012. Celebrity believers, according to several websites, include Mel Gibson and Lil' Wayne. Many websites offer their explanations for how or why the Earth will end, with some even selling "survival" items from potable water to flashlights and gas masks. More here.

Lots more videos here.

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