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Published: Mar 4, 2009
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Asteroid 2009 DD45 (Video) Barely Misses Earth
by Staff

No, it's not a bird, a plane, or even Superman, but a small asteroid called 2009 DD45, passed by the Earth at a distance of 38,000 miles. It certainly wasn't a "Deep Impact," or even "Armageddon," but asteroid 2009 DD45 came pretty damn close to hitting us down here in terra firma (in terms of cosmic distance) on Monday.

Even though asteroid 2009 DD45 is just about two hundred feet long, it could have impacted the planet with the force of a nuclear explosion.

The asteroid wasn't even known of before last Friday, when Robert McNaught of the Australian National University spotted it.

Astronomers suggest that asteroid 2009 DD45 is now in a solar orbit that intersects the Earth's orbit. That means that asteroid 2009 DD45 will be visiting the vicinity of Earth again.

This isn't the closest "near-miss" an asteroid has made, however. In 2004 FU162 passed by Earth just 4,000 miles from us on March 31, 2004.

Additional videos can be found here.

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