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Strange & Interesting News
Published: Mar 4, 2009
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Photos: Pink Dolphin, Cat In a Bong and Facebook Worm
by Jack Ryan

A pink dolphin spotted in Lake Calasieu in Louisiana, a Nebraska man has been arrested for stuffing his cat into a homemade bong to calm her down and a new strain of Koobface facebook worm, has resurfaced.

First: 'Good Morning America' showed footage of the pink dolphin - a rare albino bottlenose - which ordinarily is gray, according to biologists. The rare albino apparently was swimming with his mother on the lake, which is an inland saltwater estuary north of the Gulf of Mexico. Read more and see a large photo here.

Secondly: Acea Schomaker, 20, was cited on suspicion misdemeanor animal cruelty and charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia after Lancaster County sheriff's deputies allegedly caught him smoking marijuana from the homemade bong with his cat, Shadow, stuffed inside. Read more and see the bong here.

Lastly: A new strain of Koobface worm - a type of web application virus - has resurfaced, and is now hijacking user Facebook accounts -- not only for that social networking service, but also for MySpace, Friendster, LiveJournal and others. Read more here.

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