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Published: Mar 31, 2016
WOW! Video Of Husband's Boredom Over Wife's Sexy Lap Dance Goes Viral
by Ann Warren

Most men would jump for joy if their wives offered up a raunchy lap dance. Hell, some probably wouldn't even mind if it was being recorded for the whole world to see.

However this dude seemed completely uninterested after his partner slipped on some sexy attire and offered him a private performance.

The man's wife, known on YouTube as Mia theViXxXeN, posted the video on March 17, with the title: "Lucky Ones! Dance duo with hubby!! Must watch."

It has been viewed nearly 400,000 times.

In the clip, Mia  explains she will be dancing to Lana Del Rey's song Lucky Ones before approaching her hubby and starting her routine.

Yet as she begins gyrating in front of him, her unimpressed mate stares straight ahead seemingly incredibly bored by the display. At one point he even looks away and scratches his chin despite being fully aware that his reaction is being filmed.

In the comments underneath the YouTube video, viewers were quick to point out to Mia that the apparent lack of interest in her, with one writing: "Wow he looks embarrassed and bored and doesn't even know what the hell you're doing."

Others also chimed in: "There's a million other guys that would appreciate what you are doing." and "If he isn't interested, find someone that is, you only live once."

Mia should probably take their advice but we can't help but chuckle over the similarity to a King Of Queens Episode where Doug, bored by Carrie's lack of execution prowess, shows her how to pole dance properly.

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