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Published: Feb 1, 2016
Warning! Your Phone Rings Once From Strange Number - Don't Call Back
by Toshiba Reynolds

[VIDEO] Beware the 'One-Ring Scam' Your phone rings.  You don't recognize the number, so you return the call to find out who it was.

Bad idea. You've just been scammed.

People all over the globe are reporting that they have received unexpected calls from unknown area codes. Most of the calls originate from the Caribbean but not exclusively.

If you do not know the number calling you.. don't return the call.

That's the warning issued from the Better Business Bureau and the FCC. This is a newfangled scam that is targeting folks all over the world.

It has been dubbed the "One-Ring" scam.

The scammers responsible for it do not care about the Don't Call list, so being on that list isn't going to protect you, according to the BBB.

How it Works

The BBB says this is how the One-Ring Scam works:

     -Scammers are robo calling cellphones at random.

     -Your phone will ring once, then stop. When you answer, no one is there.

     -If you are curious and call it back, you will be billed as much as $20 for an international call.

    -You might also be charged a monthly fee for joining some unknown and unheard of club. However calling the number, you "authorize" them to place a fee on your cellphone bill.

What to Do

The BBB says to protect yourself, simply do not call back any unknown callers, especially if they are not from your local area code.

If you just have to investigate, Google the phone number. If it is legitimate business, you will discover that right away on Google.

Resist the urge to call back, so you don't throw away hard earned cash.

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